Detroit Pistons’ Brandon Jennings Says Meek Mill’s Career Is Done

Hip-hop counts among its fans legions of purists who would no doubt turn up their collective nose at anyone who employs ghostwriters. And still, Meek Mill has had a tough time winning any modicum of public support during his very public feud with Drake. In the insanely over-accelerated world of the Internet, Aubrey’s four-day grace period was deemed long enough, and when Meek launched another diss last night (August 4) at a show in North Carolina, the consensus seemed to be that it was too little, too late. So it’s no surprise that Drake counts among his supporters famous entertainers and professional athletes. TMZ caught up with Detroit Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings outside of 1 OAK in Los Angeles. Jennings, who points out that he’s “been rocking with OVO since ’09,” called Meek Mill “corny” and saying his career is “finito.” 
Though Jennings, who had just returned to Southern California after a jaunt up to Canada to catch OVO Fest, wouldn’t look directly at the camera, his disdain for Meek was apparent. “His career just got started, now it’s done,” he quipped. “I feel bad for him.” The Compton native noted that when he was in the club the night before, the DJ played “Jump Out the Face,” but edited it down to include only Future’s vocals. Jennings made waves on social media last week when he posted a picture of himself writing Meek Mill a $150 check in hopes it would get him to quit rapping.