Devin The Dude’s House Is Robbed

Photo: Instagram/devindude420It’s hard to get anyone who gets as high as Devin The Dude down, but losing thousands of dollars in studio and recreational equipment can blow anyone’s high. The legendary Houston stoner MC’s house was recently robbed individuals by who took a substantial amount of possessions from the former Odd Squad member. He took to Instagram to share his misfortune with fans, posting a picture of his door knocked off the hinges along with the caption, “MANE!!!! This is REALLY fucked up! Somebody broke into my house while I was gone for a week and snatched my studio equipment, TV’s, mixers, Apple Computers, Blue Mic, Digital Mixer, Drum machines, Quad Copters with gimble, GoPro 4 and alot of other stuff! Yep! They DJ Quicked me mane!!! Dirty Mu’Fuckas!! Up in Inwood West somewhere on the NW side!!!!!”Sheesh. That’s a lot of stuff. We hope it was insured. The announcement wasn’t entirely somber though. Devin also revealed he will be putting out a project before the year is over. “This may hold me back a little bit as far as my album is concerned but it don’t stop!! Look forward to somethin at the end of November 2015!,” he later added.Devin’s last album, One For The Road came out in October 2013. The upcoming project will be the Texas rapper’s ninth studio solo LP. DTD is the second urban entertainer to fall victim to robbers in recent weeks. Chris Brown’s home was recently invaded by gun-wielding robbers who held his aunt hostage.A photo posted by Devin The Dude (@devindude420) on