Don Toliver Looks To The Past For "Donny Womack" Tape

Houston’s own Don Toliver has come forth to deliver his “first official tape,” the thirteen track Donny Womack. Paying homage to the late soul singer Bobby Womack, Toliver steps forward to display the scope of his talents; more melodically inclined, the young artist makes sure to imbue his music with enough hip-hop sensibilities to appease a wide audience. Speaking with The Fader, Tolliver described his process, saying “Bobby had like a tendency of making records that have a lot of soul, a lot of feeling and emotion, but he always comes on the track hot.” 

Donny Womack kicks off on a strong note, with the introductory “Diamonds” setting a vibe-heavy tone. “Running at the muthafuckin’ money like a relay,” raps Toliver, “first things first, get the bag then I concentrate.” From that point on, Toliver expands on his own world, employing tricks he no doubt picked up during Hawaiian recording sessions with Travis Scott. Peep the mixtape now, and sound off. Will Toliver become a fixture on your radar?