Happy Birthday Funkmaster Flex!

Happy Birthday Funkmaster Flex!Today, Aug. 5, is the birthday of legendary DJ and radio host and personality, Funkmaster Flex. After seeing him perform at clubs like The Tunnel, Home Bass and Mecca, a young Flex was hired by regional vice president Joel Salkowitz at New York’s Hot 97 to host a radio show on Saturday nights in order to boost the lagging station’s ratings. Thus, Flex became instrumental in transforming Hot 97 into the first pop station in the city to showcase hip-hop and rap.From there, Flex became a ubiquitous presence in rap music from his signature “bomb drops” on debuting new records, to hosting mixtapes and television appearances. Flex is arguably the most accomplished rap DJ in the history of the medium having a career that has stretched from 1992 until today as Hot 97′s signature DJ.Happy Birthday, Flex!