Kim Kardashian Selfie Spree: Nipples Are Covered

The selfie is the single most important affirmation self love that we have at our convenience. In fact a well curated Instagram account is faceless without a good selfie game. Many amongst us are looking to Kim Kardashian for their cues, when it comes to stepping in and out the light.

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Kim K’s bathroom numbers are legendary. This particular selfie comes fresh f the heels heavy criticism regarding her parenting. The brunt the blame centered on the appropriateness her naked selfies themselves and not the intricacies their family life.

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The selfie pictured below shows f Kim in a studded “swarovski’ choker, and a black bikini set, setting f small gasps in our gaze. The photo in question doesn’t, in my mind, have any bearing on her parenting skills whatsoever. What we do in private is far more twisted.