Lil Pump Is Inching Closer To Becoming A Millionaire According To Record Contract

Lil Pump's had a phenomenal year. As a kid who first got a bit clout in the rap game f a few Soundcloud songs, he's nearing his way to becoming a star in the rap world if he continues on the path he's on. While he's ten criticized for his lack lyricism, there's clearly a market for that. So much that he's allegedly inching closer to becoming a millionaire.

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Lil Pump's recording contract with Warner Bros landed him a massive advance $375, 000 for his debut album, TMZ reports. However, that number isn't including the fifteen percent he receives from royalties f his music. They say that based f some his biggest hits, including "Gucci Gang," "Boss" and "D Rose," they say he'll be hitting another advance between $200K and $400K in addition to royalties f that project as well.

While the rapper is only on his first commercial project with Lil Pump Tape, they say if he continues to drop albums with a minimum fourteen songs on them, by his fifth commercial release, he'll be receiving $500K. In addition to those, his show money plus merchandising is allegedly making some major bank as well. 

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At this point, it's possible. Shortly after dropping his mixtape, he announced that he's working on another project. In addition, he and Lil Yachty have also confirmed that they're working on a joint project and have already previewed music f it. At 17-years-old, he's definitely on his way to making major bank f rap.