Man Who Called Emergency Services Claiming to be Nicki Minaj Goes to Jail

Getty Images A British man was jailed for repeatedly calling an emergency phone number and claiming to be Nicki Minaj. According to Belfast Live, Stephen Brown, a 24-year-old man, was sentenced to four months in prison for breaching an “Anti-Social Behaviour Order which bans him from abusing the emergency phone system.” On Christmas Day last year, Brown called 999 twice in a five minute span, first saying that there were two men making threats on his life, but was too drunk to provide any more details. On the second call, he said he wanted to cancel the first complaint and claimed that he was Nicki Minaj and he had seen a ghost in his house. The calls were a breach of Brown’s previous ban on calling the number in a non-emergency situation.While in court, his lawyer said Brown is  a “chronic alcoholic” and “his own worst enemy.” Judge Desmond Marrinan called Brown a “nuisance” and said police resources are very limited and to make what in essence is a prank call could tie up a line for someone who is in need of serious help. The judge did show some sympathy and cut his sentence from eight months to four months and said that Brown needs help getting his life together.