Meek Mill’s Beef With Drake May Have Hurt Pinkprint Tour Sales

Getty ImagesIs that a world tour, or your girl’s tour, or a tour that suffered financially due to things you made happen with your iPhone? Meek Mill recently ran back his grievances with Drake–ghostwriters, getting peed on, you know, rapper things–going so far as to remove his diss track from Soundcloud. (Drake can’t remove his disses from Billboard, but that’s another story.) But even if the beef is dead, it’s had demonstrable effects on ticket sales for Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint Tour, for which Meek is the opening act. As reports, ticket prices for the show fell from an average of $179 to an average of $148 between July 20 and the end of OVO Fest two weeks later. That’s a drop of nearly 20 percent, which far outpaces the small, gradual decline in prices that most major tours see. The two-week period in question included both Drake disses, “Charged Up” and “Back to Back,” and Meek’s response, “Wanna Know.”Shows over that period took place in a diverse cross section of cities, from Miami to Brooklyn to Montreal to Atlanta. Fortunately for Meek, the bottoming-out didn’t affect his homecoming show. Ticket prices for the August 6 Pinkprint stop in Camden, NJ., actually rose, in sharp contrast with the rest of the slated concerts. (Camden is roughly five miles from Meek’s native Philadelphia.) The tour wraps up next Wednesday (Aug. 19) after a trio of Canadian dates in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. It’s probably safe to assume that during those shows, there will be no more shots thrown Aubrey’s way.