Mike Jones Is the Spokesperson for a New Locksmith Ad

Mike Jones’ career has dwindled since the days when he was “Still Tippin’” and passing out his phone number on records in the mid 2000s. Though he’s still making a little noise in the rap game, the Houston MC is also taking his talents to other avenues, namely commercials. Earlier this year he appeared on a knee slapping Super Bowl commercial for a local lawyer. Now, he’s stepped his game up and is actively rapping jingles in ads. Jones is the featured voice in the ad for a company called LockedOut, a locksmith service app. In the video, Mike spits intensely about the of service, its ideal use and low price. “When you get locked out you need LockedOut / When you need a locksmith, give us a shout out,” he raps. This is actually kind of dope as far as jingles go. Maybe MJ has a second calling. The Texas native’s last project Money Train came out in January.