Stream Young Nudy's "Slimeball 3" Project

After months of promotion, which included hearing songs like “Do That” & “Sherbert,” 21 Savage’s cousin, Young Nudy, decides to come through today and share the third installment in his Slimeball series.

Following up last year’s Nudy Land project, Slimeball 3 finds the Slaughterhouse Gang rapper handling all 14 tracks by himself as he tackles production from the likes of Wheezy, Metro Boomin, Pierre Bourne, Cardiak, BL$$D, and Maaly Raw, among others. Some song titles include “InDaStreet,” “Mercy With Doubt,” & “Right Now” to name a few.

“The music I’m making now, the Slimeball shit, it’s really for the fans,” Nudy said. “I know they wanna hear a whole bunch of bullshit, fuck around shit, you see what I’m saying? Whole bunch of geeked up drug, pow pow pow shit, choppas, feel me? Street shit, young nigga shit. They be wanting that, so I make that shit for the fans. When I make Nudy Land type shit, that’s for me, but when I make Slimeball type shit, that’s for the fan.”

Available now on iTunes, fans can stream the project in its entirety Apple Music and/or Spotify. Hit play and let us know what track you’re feeling the most? You already know this about to go hard in the streets.


1. One Dolla
2. Know What’s Happenin
3. Middle Fingers
4. InDaStreet
5. Friday
6. Zone 6
7. Do That
8. Abm
9. Robbin and Gettin
10. Mercy With Doubt
11. Unemotional
12. Sherbert
13. Right Now
14. Slimeball