Watch Cam’ron Play a Game Show Host

Back when Cam’ron was still taunting Stephon Marbury and threatening to throw Tommy Mottola off of hotel balconies, he didn’t have much interest in crossing over. His last album on Epic, 2000′s S.D.E. (Sports, Drugs, Entertainment) opened with the sneering “That’s Me,” on which Cam raps, “I ain’t a rapper, b, I skeet Uzis/And I can’t act, turned down three movies.” Of course, by 2002, he’d be acting and, in 2006, dropping his own feature-length debut. And now, as evidenced by his recent appearance as a corrupt human resources executive on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore, he’s become a go-to for built-to-be-viral sketches. So it comes as no surprise that Hpnotiq tapped Cam to play the host and both contestants in a fictional game show called Word Up.Giles Mantooth, the show’s host, welcomes a Florida accountant named Drew Herman, who is incorrectly and consistently called Herb throughout the show, to join the surprise celebrity guest…Cam’ron. The prizes at stake? A “money-green leather sofa” and a “50-inch screen,” a “solid-gold dookie rope chain,” a two-way pager and a lambskin leather 8 ball jacket. The pair of contestants have to complete sayings and answer questions from classic hip-hop songs. (Some of the formats aren’t too challenging, like: “You can get with this, but you could also get with…” “That?”) Despite the herb’s rambling pitch for the last answer, Cam correctly calls out the brand sponsor, and both contestants go home with a lifetime supply of next-morning headaches.