10 Most Overpriced Sneakers

In today’s times, where the price sneakers appears to keep increasing incrementally, some costs are beginning to get a tad out hand. Without a question, not every sneaker can be sold at a low cost, as variables like quality materials and tinier production figures typically call for a heftier price tag. However in the cases we’re presenting to you today, the usurious price tags are making a mockery both potential buyers and the sneaker game in general.

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For instance, there’s a pair kicks on this list that can run you upward $12,000. Yes, $12K and the shoes don’t even come with a marching band, parade or anything! Kicks with extraordinarily high price tags, however, are not all that have made it onto this list. Some the sneakers we’ve highlighted below are just downright unappealing — whether the concept is totally senseless, the color scheme is a complete eyesore, or in some cases even both — on top that, even these kicks are far from cheap and indeed don’t deserve their requesting price.

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Come with us, as we explore the top 10 most overpriced sneakers all time. Providing you have any the following sneakers in your sneaker collection, please, sound f below and enlighten us as to why you feel the said shoe was worth your hard earned duckets.