10 Sneakers Every Sneakerhead Should Own

Collection, is the act gathering something together– more over, several things grouped together or considered as a whole. Now, any and all collections require particular items for them to be considered whole (or complete) collections. A basketball card collection, for instance, must have a Michael Jordan rookie card in it to make it a ‘whole’ collection. A car collection, must possess a classic Chevy Corvette to consider it a genuine collection. A watch collection (his or hers), has to have a Rolex in the mix somewhere. A sneaker collection is not without this type caveat as well.

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A sneaker collection must have certain sneakers in it to be considered a serious collection by any true sneakerhead. Example: You claim to have a sneaker collection but, you don’t even own one pair Chucks…an authentic sneakerhead, would probably look at you as if you had two heads. You know why, because every sneaker collector knows that your sneaker collection isn’t ‘whole’ without a pair Chuck Taylor’s. Simple as pie. 

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This piece is going to focus on the kicks that every sneakerhead should have in their collection. We have already given one away (Converse All Star Chuck Taylor’s) and, we know you are already spewing several others f-the-top your head as we speak. Hopefully, the shoes you are spitting  we’ve included in this list. Take a look.