1788-L Flexes His Creativity In Experimental New Single Off Debut EP [MUST LISTEN]

Compared to the poppier productions out today from the likes of Calvin Harris or Marshmello, 1788-L is perhaps going darker and more experimental than ever with his new single “N U / V E R / K A.” The single is the second off his debut EP, SENTIENCE, out next Friday.

1788-L plays with some super intense new sound design on “N U / V E R / K A,” starting off with some profoundly atmospheric vibes in the initial build. It then drops into a heavily punctuated, dark and foreboding section that eschews any kind of strict genre classification. Already more than halfway through the track, it begins to build with glitchy synths before finally locking into a more recognizable rhythm.

Overall, this track is an absolute journey and one of the more interesting tracks that we’ve heard from 1788-L in his short career, sound design, arrangement and all. Check out “N U / V E R / K A” below and download it here. Pre-save the full EP here and be the first to hear it next Friday!