21 More Arrested Boarding Holy Ship's Second 2018 Sailing

was far from the only person arrested before Holy Ship! set sail this year…

The 11.0 boarding Wednesday night resulted in 21 arrests, despite the heavy publicity surrounding over the 10.0 event a week prior.

Much like the first round Holy Ship! 2018 arrests, the majority charges were misdemeanor drug possession. By far the most common was “possession without prescription,” which could be for a number substances including marijuana.

The most serious charges were for trafficking MDMA and cocaine, intent to sell.

The rave cruise, still well underway, has brought thousands party goers from across the world for an indulgent vacation filled with sun, fun, and tons music — from Port Canaveral, Florida to Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas.


Source: | Photo: Joseph Lianes