50 Cent Bait: Ja Rule Owes The IRS Big

Ja Rule is not good at taxes. He served 28 months for forgetting to pay most of them between 2004 and 2006.

Ja Rule is also not good at business. He made a complete mockery of himself during the Fyre Fest debacle.

These two deficiencies have come together to result in another huge tax bill. Bossip reports:

The IRS issued Ja’s latest lien late last month for $443,442 for income he earned in 2016 – some of it likely coming from his work behind the failed Fyre Festival.

But on March 4, the IRS issued a separate updated lien for back taxes from 2005 through 2008: $830,717 for 2005, $353,536 for 2006, $231,775 for 2007 and $172,282 for 2008.

In total, the IRS says Ja owes $2,031,753, according to the new liens.

Ya think 50 will have mercy because he's had his own financial issues? (We don't think so.)


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