50 Cent Mocks Diddy’s Sexuality [VIDEO]

50 Cent Mocks Diddy's Sexuality VIDEO]

Diddy popped up on Fabolous and Jadakiss's episode the Drink Champs podcast, which aired last week.

The premise N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN's show is that the guests drink and when Puff got drunk … well, this happened:

 We think this is why 50 Cent fired a new gay-themed shot at his longtime rival on IG last night:

Fif posted a photo himself in a hospital bed surrounded by stuffed animals with text that read “Currently recovering from pettiness.”

Then in the caption, he came for Diddy.

Do you think 50 will ever recover from his pettiness?

50 Cent Mocks Diddy's Sexuality VIDEO]