50 Cent's Former Managers Deny Responsibility For His Prior Bankruptcy

At the onset last year, 50 Cent announced that he was no longer facing bankruptcy after paying f $22 million to debtors; apparently, 8.7 million came out his own pocket, while the remainder was one in a legal malpractice settlement. Since then, things have been going smoothly for Fif, and reports that the Get Rich Or Die Tryin rapper sold his stake in Effen Vodka for a speculated sixty million dollars didn’t hurt. Anybody who grew up during the early millennium knows the importance 50 Cent, so it’s hard not to root for his success, even if he has become somewhat a troll in his OG years. And while he’s ficially out bankruptcy, Fif is still determined to prove that his former managers, and not him, were at fault for his financial crash.

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50 Cent previously sued his former managers, essentially accusing them taking his money whenever they wanted. According to Complex, Fif also claimed they caused him to owe the IRS two hundred grand; apparently, one the defendants had previously stolen an estimated five million from Alanis Morrissette back in the nineties.

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Now, Bossip reports that the company in question, GSO Business Management LLC, is retaliating with claims that they were never irresponsible with 50’s money. In fact, the report indicates that GSO is shifting the blame to another company called Boulevard. It should be noted that GSO was employed by 50 Cent between 2012 and 2015, which happens to be the period in which 50 filed for bankruptcy. While there has yet to be any concrete ruling by the judge, GSO is staunch in their belief that Boulevard are ultimately at fault here; for some context, Boulevard swept in to handle finances once 50 fired GSO.