A Must-Listen: Elisa’s New Single “No One Compares”

Owner of 3 businesses, Dollhousebeautylounge/Elisaswimwear/Dreamhouselounge, Elisa Sintjago is a singer/songwriter from a Dutch musical family. Her new single, featuring Outlaw jacc called “No One Compares,” is creating all the buzz in the R&B industry.

After finishing her tour with Mary J. Blige—which she so adamantly describes as one of the most inspiring experiences in her career—Elisa went straight to work with her new single. 

With three different languages in her pocket and an international music career, Elisa describes herself as a go-getter, and we are one to agree!

The song kicks off with a soft piano easing its way to soft beats. Elisa’s smooth vocals and Outlaw jacc’s moving rhymes; the song is sure to become your all-time favorite. The song’s success is primarily credited to both artists’ raw energy and instant vibe check. Having toured all over Europe with her band, Elisa decided to take matters into her own hand and drop a single that will surely please the crowds.

Be sure to keep her on your radar, as Elisa is bound to drop upcoming hits!