Alison Wonderland & Rezz Are Coachella's Highest-Billed Female DJs Ever

This year’s Coachella lineup is easily the festival’s most pop and hip hop heavy selection ever, and it’s taking some people a little bit time to process it all. However, on the other side things, this is also the most diverse Coachella lineup all time.

Mark Ortega, writer at LA music blog Pass The Aux, made some about 2018’s lineup. First, there was an 8.6% uptick in female artists on this year’s lineup from 2017. And the women on the lineup, more them are prominently billed on the top 3 lines than in years past.

This also bleeds over into EDM. While the dance music selection on the lineup this year was somewhat disappointing compared to previous years (even in spite acts like Kygo and Odesza receiving top billing), two female DJs were booked on the third line, making them the “highest-booked female DJs in the festival’s history,” according to Ortega: Rezz and Alison Wonderland.

Part destigmatizing women in music and, in fact, promoting them, is to stop thinking them in terms “female DJs” and just “DJs.” However, this is a statistic that is worthy mention and in fact demonstrates how far female DJs and musicians overall have come in even just the past few years.

Rezz and Alison are not ones to miss at Coachella this year, we can assure you that! See the full lineup .