Alternative Rock Singer-Songwriter Charmian Devi Brings Realism Into Our Lives With “No Peace” & “Radio Of None”

Canadian singer-songwriter Charmian Devi has just released two new singles, “No Peace” and “Radio Of None”. The Montrealaise artist is once again proving she is one of the true masters of the alternative rock music genre, thanks to her extensive experiences and raw talent. For “Radio Of None” and “No Peace,” Charmian Devi has teamed up with some impressively talented musicians and producers, among which Bob Dylan’s bassist Tony Garnier and the internationally known producer-engineer Marc Urselli, who has previously worked with Keith Richards, U2, and Nick Cave, among many others. Lenny Kaye, who has worked with Patti Smith, but also Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) and Brian Marsella, are also accompanying Charmian Devi on both these astonishing songs.  Charmian Devi brings realism into our lives with “Radio Os Peace” and “No Peace,” two incredibly well imagined singles that can help us all find inspiration during these troubled times.