Amni Musfirah Shares Crown [Album]

Singapore-born pop/r&b singer, songwriter and composer Amni Musfirah has been taking over the airwaves with her latest release, the album Crown. This nine song collection is unmistakable the most vivid proof of this artist’s innate talent at translating to sound and lyrics her intuitive inspirations. With a diverse tracklist, she explores a wide range of musical genres all the while remaining fully coherent with her mission. This outstanding project fully embodies her vulnerability and power, laying the perfect ground for the energy levels to rise to unprecedented heights. Her airy yet perfectly executed vocals are the common denominator to this aesthetically genre bending record. Amni Musfirah is definitely an artist to watch closely in the coming years, as this out-of-this-world project already gives us a hint at how groundbreaking her special music is.  

For the fans, Amni Musfirah has also unveiled a mini-film