Anthony Wexler Shares His Biggest Struggle In “Fragile”

Anthony Wexler, a talented singer-songwriter and instrumentalist, recently shared his new single titled “Fragile.” As he talks about his struggle with faith and mental issues, and how the relationship he has built with God helps him overcome his fears and anxieties, Anthony Wexler takes the audience on a healing journey through wise words and beautiful sounds. His style is impeccable, especially appealing for John Myer and Andy McKee’s fans who will discover an artist that embodies both these legends into one individual. With hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify, Wexler is widely followed by a loyal community of listeners, no extraordinary fact given the depth and power of the talent he has displayed consistently in the past years. 

One of his previous releases, “Goodbye,” was reached the #29 of the top 100 songs of 2020 for 98.5 uptown Philly Radio, and considered for a Grammy. 

“Fragile” is one more reminder that Wexler is one of those rare souls who just make pure art when they express themselves through music.