Ariana Grande has confirmed she’s taking a break from music after being through “hell”.

Ariana Grande, whose ex-boyfriend Mac Miller tragically died last month, said she needed to take a break from the spotlight to heal and take time for herself. She was reportedly set to attend the Emmys mid-September with her fiancé Pete Davidson, but she changed her mind last minute for very understandable reasons. Ariana is going to take some much needed time to heal and mend, probably using this time to spend it with her loved ones and work on new music without deadlines. She is still heartbroken over the death of Mac Miller and still suffers from anxiety crisis’ since the Manchester attack in 2017.

She is also said to suffer from hypoglycemic and hyperactive symptoms. This explains why the star eats macaroons as soon as she is in Paris! As for hyperactivity, this is not surprising!
In June, the American singer and actress celebrated her 25th birthday. On this occasion, she released a video about her childhood. During interviews, the star confessed that she has had diseases that affect her since she was a child: hypoglycemia and hyperactivity. Hypoglycemia is a lack of blood sugar. Hyperactivity is a neurological disorder that causes, for example, a lack of concentration.

To treat her hyperactivity, Ariana Grande is taking medication. This disorder affects several public figures including artists and singers. It’s also due to a more active lifestyle than average. The hyperactivity disorder can probably help develop a great international career by being present on all fronts: stages, recording studios, interviews, social networks, etc. Because no doubt about it, being one of the most popular popstars in the world is a tough job!

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