Singles/Artist Of The Week: Ariana Grande (Pete Davidson, Mac Miller)

In the wake of the tragic news that hit at the beginning of the week, we decided to give this week’s spotlight to Ariana Grande. Since her life has been nothing short of chaotic lately, we will go through some of her most tragic as well as remarkable events that she’s been through during this past summer.


Ariana Grande is an American pop sensation who started off her career as an actress. While her music, singing and acting have captured people’s hearts, her romantic life has always been the center of attention. From Big Sean to Mac Miller and Pete Davidson, she’s always had the sort of romantic relationships that people like to get invested in. After news broke of her separation from Pete Davidson, we couldn’t help but look back at all the events that might have had a huge impact on their break up.



Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson started dating early summer of 2018. While no one was expecting them to even cross paths, they instantly became a symbol of romanticism. Before they even met, Ariana was dating Mac Miller for 2 years, but eventually ended things because of his issues with substance abuse. While she loved him very much and helped him tremendously, at some point  she realized that she was losing herself in a toxic relationship. Not long after, she was introduced to Pete Davidson by none other than her manager, Scooter Braun. The two instantly hit it off and became lovers. Just three weeks after dating, Pete Davidson proposed to Ariana with an almost $100 000 engagement ring. Of course she said yes, and this set the internet into a frenzy. At that point, no one was pointing out the fact that it might’ve been too soon to get engaged, but they were happy nonetheless. She later dropped her album Sweetener which received a lot of praise and love from her fans and followers. Ariana was already known for her powerful vocals, but the out of the norm songs in this album added a little spice to her already complete mixture. With songs like “God is a Woman” and “Pete Davidson,” Ari unleashed all of her thoughts in this Sweetener.


Mac Miller’s passing in early September shook the entire world. He was a beloved artist that had impacted the lives of many, including some of his peers in the industry. Sure enough Ariana was affected more than others. She shared two years of her life with him, loved him endlessly and tried so many times to help him break free of his demons. Since Mac had tried to get clean countless of times, no one expected the situation to get out of control and even cause his death. In the heat of the moment, Ari received a lot of backlash from people who were only trying to hurt her. They accused her of everything bad that’s happened to Mac Miller and even went as far as saying that she was the cause of his overdose.



Rumors started speculating that Ariana was having constant anxiety attacks and that she was hospitalized several times, while trying to cope with his atrocious reality. Sure enough this would’ve put a lot of strain on a fairly new and fragile relationship between her and Pete Davidson. As days passed, the couple was seen together again and seemed doing just fine after the tragedy.

So, what changed? Well, no one knows for sure why the couple called it quits. It could’ve been just a mutual break up or a very messy one. On Sunday, a source told PEOPLE about the couple’s relationship was “way too much too soon” and that their decision to call off the engagement was “not shocking to anyone.” TMZ also reported that the couple felt the timing wasn’t right.

But for now, we’ll just have to wait and see if any of the parties will comment on the situation. Stay in tune for more.