Berlin clubs to be declared cultural institutions to safeguard their future

Berlin’s clubs could soon receive cultural protection after an almost unanimous vote was made in favour of changing the status of the city’s live venues from entertainment sites to cultural sites.

According to the Live Musik Kommission, an overwhelming majority vote was achieved in favour of the proposal yesterday (May 5) and it will now be presented to the German federal government for final consent tomorrow (May 7).

The landmark move follows a year of campaigning from the multi-party Parliamentary Forum For Club Culture & Nightlife.


As well as helping venues weather the adverse effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the selected venues will also benefit from new tax breaks and be permitted to operate in wider areas of the German capital.

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In addition, they will be protected from displacement and could also benefit from potential noise limit exemptions.

In a statement obtained by RA, Pamela Schobeß of the Berlin Club Commission said: “We would like to thank the members of the Parliamentary Forum in particular for their commitment and perseverance in this matter.

“With today’s decision, the Bundestag is sending a strong and long overdue signal to the republic. Music clubs are cultural institutions that shape the identity of city districts as an integral part of cultural and economic life.

“Now, an outdated law is to be adapted to reality. This helps to keep cities and neighborhoods alive and liveable and to protect cultural places from displacement.”


Berghain, considered to be one of Germany’s most popular and historic nightclub venues, was classified as a cultural site in 2016.