Bill Bailey calls James Newman’s Eurovision performance “a bit underwhelming”

Bill Bailey has called James Newman’s Eurovision performance “a bit underwhelming”.

The comedian, actor and musician shared his thoughts on Good Morning Britain, commenting on the fact that Newman, representing the UK, received zero points for his performance.

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“It was a serviceable song and performance, nothing wrong with that,” Bailey said on the show yesterday (May 25), per the Independent. “I just think we’re missing a trick a little bit. We need to celebrate the eccentricity of Britishness, it doesn’t seem to be coming across…”


Of Newman’s song ‘Embers’, Bailey added: “It’s very well produced and put together. It’s just a bit underwhelming, a bit bland.”

“We’re not taking it seriously enough and taking it too seriously, we’ve got it the wrong way round,” Bailey said, when asked for his opinion on what the UK could be doing better.

“We should focus on the performance, the visuals of it, make it into a huge celebration of Britishness, with some great hooks! Maybe some guitar, maybe some cowbells.”

He added: “There has to be a bit more drama, a bit more theatre. Because that’s what this show is about, Eurovision is a huge celebration. Some of it is totally bonkers.”

Over the weekend, Bill Bailey put himself forward as the UK’s entry for next year’s Eurovision song contest.


The 56-year-old comedian, actor, musician, and Strictly-winning dancer posted on Twitter on Sunday (May 23): “I’d be happy to throw my hat in the ring for #Eurovision 2022”.

Bailey previously made the same suggestion to enter Eurovision back in 2007, promising to share several songs and allow fans to vote on their favourite for him to perform at the long-running song contest. 2008 instead saw Andy Abraham perform ‘Even If’ as the UK’s entrant.