Billie Eilish among the most mispronounced phrases by US broadcasters in 2021

Billie Eilish‘s name is among the most mispronounced names, words and phrases by US broadcasters in 2021, a new study has found.

In a report released by the US Captioning Company, via The Guardian, Eilish’s name – specifically the word ‘Eilish’ – ranks as one of the most mispronounced words of the year, along with ‘Dogecoin’, ‘Yassify’, ‘Cheugy’, ‘Glasgow’ and the name of the newest COVID-19 variant, ‘Omicron’.

The US Captioning Company captions and subtitles real-time events on both television and in courtrooms, and obtained the 2021 list – the sixth annual one of its kind – by surveying its members. The list has again been commissioned by Babbel, a language-learning platform that is based in both Berlin and New York.


“Newscasters in the US have struggled with 2021’s new words and names while reporting on key sporting events, viral internet trends and emerging celebrities,” said Babbel Live teacher in a statement.

“As a language teacher, it’s always interesting to see that some of these terms are usually new colloquialisms, or are rooted or borrowed from another language. As a non-native speaker, I must confess it’s fun to see English speakers stumbling a bit for a change.”

In other news, Billie Eilish – pronounced ‘EYE-lish’ – just released her latest music video for ‘Male Fantasy’, taken from her second studio album ‘Happier Than Ever’. It is the sixth video from the album – all of which Eilish herself has directed. The other videos thus far include ‘Therefore I Am’, ‘Your Power’, ‘Lost Cause’, ‘NDA’ and the album’s title track.

Eilish will take ‘Happier Than Ever’ – which just earned a Grammy nomination for Album Of The Year – on a world tour in 2022. She’ll be playing shows across North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, with six shows set for the O2 in London.

Later this week, Eilish will also perform double duty on the December 11 episode of Saturday Night Live, marking her debut as host as well as performing.