Brazilian Artist Matuê Returns With a Smooth Lament On “QUER VOAR”

Matuê is fresh off his success with “M4,” one of the best projects of the year. That passion and momentum carry over onto “Quer Voar,” where Matuê channels his instrumental creativity and presents his accomplishments with a thunderous pride.

The track matches his energy perfectly, giving a great vibe all around. This blaster has become a fan favorite for its inspired instrumental and relentless lyricism. The track throws a layer of steaming pitch over the artist’s expansive sound.

The Brazilian musician connects with fans on this breezy summer jam with pop keys and warm, melodic flows. The artist also shared the video for the track, shining a light on the big hooks and subtle synths. It is throbbing with confidence and massive beats highlighted with the grandiosity of his vocals.

Toiling with smoggy, thick, and thumping melodies, this song is aiming for the top. Hovering with stifling pop sensitivities, Matuê vocals lead the lyrics to reflect heavy emotions.

Watch the exciting music video below.

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