BriGuel Delighting Fans With Instrumental Tracks Of Their Best Hits

BriGuel, a couple-artist, brings their joint vision into reality through releasing the instrumental songs of some of their best hits including “Life Is A Lesson,” “Mind Takes Hold” and “It’s A Story.” 

Based in New York, this couple has been producing beautiful musical pieces one after the other. They met when Miguel hired Brianne to co-produce a short film “Fly Away” and ever since then, the two have been inseparable. 

An innovative couple, BriGuel’s ambition is to tie different musical genres into beautiful, simple and classy songs which they have done marvelously in their previous tracks. Appealing to people of all backgrounds, their music is engaging, fun, and yet has some profound messages to share.

They follow-up to their previous release, the mindblowing single “Sweet Relief,” a dynamic and lively song that can instantly put the listener in a positive mood. With over 180K listeners on Spotify, this English-Spanish hit definitely established itself as a success. 

Their similarly captivating tracks include “Red Ropes”, “Life Is A Lesson”,  “Without Darkness”, “Who Do You Wanna Be”, the EP 2020 Vision, “Mind Takes Hold,” the EP TBD and “It’s A Story”. These compositions brought BriGuel huge acclaim worldwide resulting in features on PAPER, Wonderland, The Source, Rap-Up, and others. 

BriGuel is on the rise of their popularity at the moment, and the audience can’t wait to hear more mood-makers such as their latest instrumentals. The couple has announced that more instrumentals will follow so stay tuned!

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