Cardi B Breaks Down The Five Levels Of Trickin’

Nothing Cardi B says or does anymore is a shock.

In the past, Cardi has come out and admitted to drugging and taking advantage of "johns" and then defended her past actions when criticized by the public.

Now, Cardi is breaking down the five levels of trickin', and she wants everyone to know the rules. 

A lot of you talkin' bout trickin' and hoein' but the question is, what level is your trick on?

First-level tricking will just get your nails done with maybe $200 a week. Second level tricking is when the man pays for your expensive purses, surgery, and rent. Third level is when you get Rolex's, diamond chains and cars. The fourth level is when he buys you a business such as a salon or a spa.

According to Cardi, the fifth level is when you marry an Arab and inherit his wealth.

There's levels to this shit!

Duly noted, Cardi. 

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Which level are you? 🤣

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