Carey Renee’s Inspirational Debut Single Is Titled “House Is Burning”

Fluid, meticulous and malleable; Carey Renee’s debut single is everything we would expect from a modern R&B release and much more.

At three years old, Renee started singing in choirs, as well as playing the violin and the piano. Born with a congenital heart defect, Carey grew -up wanting to help sick children, which led her to work for over ten years as a nurse practitioner in neonatal and pediatric care. She always kept music close to her heart despite not actively pursuing her passion, and after years working as a nurse, she decided to go back to music. 

As a Christmas gift to her father, she planned on recording a few cover songs. These recording sessions transformed into the creation of a dozen songs including her debut single “House Is Burning.”

 She decided to turn back to writing music and finding her voice again. After planning to record a few cover songs as a Christmas gift for her father, her recording sessions quickly turned into collaborations with several musicians and producers. A dozen new songs rapidly emerged from these sessions, including her debut single. 

Produced by Dru Decaro (Snoop Dogg, Miguel, John Legend) and Adam Kobylarz, “House Is Burning” merges soulful electro-hymns with soothing R&B tones, and features a hypnotic electric guitar solo performance. With her debut single, Carey Renee has already proved that her sound and style transcend simple R&B.