Charlie Sloth is buying new DJ equipment for the 12-year-old who held school toilet rave

British DJ and radio host Charlie Sloth has offered to buy new equipment for the 12-year-old schoolchild who had his decks confiscated after holding a rave in the school toilets.

Cael Bell found online fame after hosting a 30-minute rave in the bathroom of St. Antony’s Catholic College in Manchester during his lunch break.

Bell’s set lasted for 30 minutes before teachers broke up the party and confiscated his DJ equipment.


“Get in there my guy…” Sloth posted on Instagram, lauding Bell for his set and adding: “Someone find me this kid I’m gonna get him some new equipment!!!!”

Sloth then posted an update, revealing he’d found Bell and was sending new DJ equipment his way. “I’ve just found him and spoke to his mum!! I’m gonna be sending some bits his way,” he wrote.

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Speaking to The Mirror on Friday (December 18), Bell’s mother Fiona said that the boy’s speaker and lights had been seized by teachers.

In a Facebook post which shed more light on the juvenile DJ set, however, she explained that she had seen the amusing side of the incident, asking: “Am I wrong for finding this funny?”

“I had to laugh. It has been a terrible year and I couldn’t be angry with my son for trying to spread some cheer,” she continued.


“When I got the call, it made perfect sense. Cael had been up, dressed and ready to leave for school early that morning which was unheard of in our house. He had the biggest smile on his face so I knew he had something up his sleeve.”

She went on to explain that Cael’s dad thought it was “hysterical” and the pair eventually decided not to punish the student for his actions.

“We did have a conversation about whether or not we should be angry but how could we be?” she concluded.