Chief Moquiuix Expands His Music Catalog with “Irrational,” “Buenos Diaz,” “Vagos,” and “Radicalism”

The rising rapper-producer Chief Moquiuix is making a grand entrance with his dazzling singles:  “Irrational,” “Buenos Diaz,” “Vagos,” and “Radicalism.”

The artist once said that his father was his support system since day one. He further added that the support he received helped him to further expand his creativity and imagination. 

It is safe to say that all of Chief Moquiuix’s projects have a unique musical approach, as he has a fantastic way of putting his thoughts into songs. 

To all Chief Moquiuix fans out there, the artist is participating in the prestigious Yearly Hollywood Bowl concert. Make sure to click here to vote for him. 

Chief Moquiuix has a verified Spotify account with over 27k monthly listeners. Make sure to check out his hits below:

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