Daft Punk Member Contributes Unreleased Song To New Horror Film [VIDEO]

Beyond their beloved albums, Daft Punk are known for their excellent soundtrack work. The French duo scored Tron Legacy, and member Thomas Bangalter has worked with Argentine film director Gaspar Noé on several projects. Bangalter previously scored Noé’s movie Irréversible and worked as the sound effects director for Noé’s polarizing film Enter the Void.

Bangalter will reunite with Noé for the filmmaker’s new horror movie called Climax. Bangalter is releasing an entirely new song called “Sangria” for the movie’s soundtrack, which will also feature Balgalter’s track “What To Do” and Daft Punk’s “Rollin’ And Scratchin.’” The movie itself is about a drug-fueled orgy, so we can only wonder how the new track may sound. Aphex Twin, Daft Punk collaborator Giorgio Moroder, The Rolling Stones and others also feature on the soundtrack.

Watch the Climax trailer below: