Damon Brings Enjoyment, Creativity, And Hardwork To The Music Scene With “Hustle With A Purpose”

For Damon, life is all about enjoyment, creativity, and hardwork and that’s why his debut single “Hustle With A Purpose” is the exact definition of a seriously fun track. With a catchy beat, tribal instrumentals, and anthemic vocals; Damon and The Crushboys have created the ultimate summer banger.  The Crushboys have an extensive musical background, and when their skills combine with Damon’s, the result is pure fire, with “Hustle With A Purpose” being a song that will have you dancing all night long.

On “Hustle With A Purpose,” catchy yet minimalist melodies and instrumentals are paired with cutting edge beats to keep listeners captivated from start to finish, providing a near-perfect sonic structure for Damon and The Crushboys to layer atop their groovy vocal performances and call it a fantastic wrap.