Dana Parker’s 3 to 7 Drop Self-Titled Album

Dana Parker just released an intricate collection of sounds under the form of a new album titled 3 to 7, which is also the name of the EDM collective he founded years ago. 

3 to 7’s new album is an 8 track collection, combining modern music technology with the best session musicians in Los Angeles, to create a linear EDM style with the classic Motown techniques of recording, production and musicianship.

The entire album was recorded and mixed at Dana Parker’s private facility in Diamond Bar, and the Mastering is done by himself and/or Howie Weinber, depending on the tracks, and includes talented musicians such as drummer/music producer Sean Daniel, and guitarist-vocalist Christian Wunderlich, the guitar player for Mayor Hawthorne, Tuxedo, Mac Miller and Pit Bull, to name a few. 

If you haven’t yet, make sure to listen to one of the best electronic production of the year below: