Diplo Claims Zedd's Music Is Actually Made By This Upcoming Duo

Duo Grey really started gaining notoriety back in the end of 2015 when they became de facto proteges of both Skrillex and Zedd. Though Skrillex has now moved on to do God knows what, their relationship with Zedd remains as strong as ever. Such is the accusation by Diplo, in any case.

The past couple days have been Twitter beef fodder between Zedd and Diplo, as Zedd concurred with Max Vangeli that Diplo was the “biggest pussy dick in the game.” Diplo then threatened to go all Pusha T on Zedd if he didn’t delete his Twitter in 24 hours… it’s been an exciting couple of days.

But buried within the Twitter replies was Diplo also claiming that all of Zedd’s music is now written by Grey. While it’s true that the two artists have been spending a lot of time together, to say that they produce all of his music (implication being without his input) is a bit of a stretch. We’ve seen Zedd post his project files plenty of times on Instagram, even as recently as this week.

Then again, there’s the video of how “The Middle” was made, which clearly shows the song being written and sent to Grey before it ever hit Zedd’s ears.

Let's not forget grey doing the rest of his music

— diblo (@diplo) June 12, 2018

In reality, Diplo also has people making tracks for him too – you can’t believe that he solely produces the music for his solo project, as well as his collaborative projects with Mark Ronson and with Labrinth and Sia, right?

Every producer or artist at that level has other writers and engineers working with them. It’s a simple consequence of being on the road that much, it’s unavoidable. And Zedd explicitly credits Grey whenever they have a part in a track with him, so to call them “ghost producers” as other sites have implied is far beyond the mark.

We’re still waiting for Diplo’s diss track to drop, because at least hip hop beef creates new music. Let’s hope that’s coming soon.