Diplo Opens Up About His Mourning Over Rapper Lil Peep's Death [VIDEO]

Diplo is still mourning the loss rapper Lil Peep, who died in November from a toxic combination prescription drugs…

In the video below, Diplo reveals to that Lil Peep’s death came as quite a shock, and he’s still feeling it. Many in the music industry miss the raw artistry and originality that the rapper put forth with his music.

“He was really on the verge becoming so big,” Diplo says. “For what I do as a producer, he does it as a writer. He was a really strong guy to create something brand new.”

Diplo admits he didn’t take what he thought to be Lil Peep’s persona very seriously, until it was too late.

“I’m a little remorseful… I only spoke to him about music. I never talked to him about anything else in his life.”

Diplo shares his thoughts on pill culture and his hopes that youth will take care themselves. Watch the emotional interview   here.

Diplo Still Mourning Loss Of Rapper Lil Peep