Dirtybird Remembers The Life of Long-Time Family Member Who Just Passed from Health Complications

Every community has some larger than life figure, some person who stands for that community’s values and brings people together. For Dirtybird, Chris “Grill$on” Wilson was that person. It is with sorrow that Dirtybird announced today that Wilson has passed away, after fighting health issues for several months.

Dirtybird founder Claude Von Stroke describes the first time he met Wilson, “I met @ccwilson at our very first party in Golden Gate Park. He came right up to me and asked if he could grill some carne with us on his hibachi. He was one if the most loved people in the family. A huge part of the soul of our crew is gone.”

Wilson made it a point to attend every Dirtybird event he could, and brought positivity and good energy to everything he was involved in.

Our thoughts go out to Wilson’s family. He will be missed.

Today we lost a beloved friend and one of DIRTYBIRD's true OGs, Grillson. After battling health issues for several months he passed away in San Francisco this morning. We will miss him with all our hearts. DIRTYBIRD's thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones. pic.twitter.com/ambGVV9WFc

— Dirtybird (@Dirtybird) June 12, 2018