Discover Alexis Kings’ Vibrant Single “Surrender”

Alexis Kings is a highly acclaimed alternative rock band that has been on the rise with their lovely releases. “Surrender” is one of their hit singles that has gathered tens of thousands of streams. It has some impressive fiery percussion adorned with a distinctly 80’s vibe. At the same time, Alexis Kings set a futuristic mood, incorporating elements of various styles. Stunning vocals, mood-making beats and powerful music — everything comes together in harmony, allowing the listener to sit back and enjoy the art.

Brendan Aherne and Fabio Bocca are the band’s talented members who draw inspiration from soul, funk, country, hip hop, and rock. Their music always sounds original and familiar at the same time, thus connecting the audience to the artists, creating an unbreakable bond. The band’s debut EP Squire was highly successful, appearing in the top 10 Spotify streaming charts and playlists. Alexis Kings toured all over the world, spreading their unique sound and positive vibes, and are now about to release a brand-new EP. 

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