Don Diablo Teases Possible New Swedish House Mafia Song For Ultra Reunion?

With only three days until Ultra Music Festival’s headliner special guest, the rumor mill is working at full tilt. With and fueling the fire, and Steve Angello any clearer, the chances a Swedish House Mafia reunion are as strong as they’ve ever been.

And as if we needed another log to stoke the flames, Don Diablo just tweeted out, in no uncertain terms, that he thinks SHM will be playing Ultra this weekend. Even more, he’s ignited rumors a new Swedish House Mafia song.

With leaks and information so readily tossed around in the EDM world, if SHM does play, and if they in fact do have a new song together, it will have been one the best kept secrets the past few years.

The emojis make us wonder if this is just veiled sarcasm, considering Don has an Ultra event again. Regardless, he’s succeeded in getting plenty people excited about the impending reunion.