Drake Is Dropping Serious Cash On His California Mansion Renovations

Drake, one the world’s preeminent rap stars, is doing his best to live the most luxurious life possible. Part that means giving his California mansion a much-needed facelift and, according to a new report from TMZ, the extensive overhaul Drizzy’s palace is costing him some serious cash.

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The gossip outlet is reporting that the Canadian music icon is just over $342,000 on renovations to the Hidden Hills home, although that’s simply the total estimated on the work permits – conventional wisdom says that the final price will be significantly higher than that. The scope the renovations is massive as well. Drake’s master bedroom is getting overhauled, taking the 1,695 square foot room to the next level by adding even more space to it.

New ros on all the structures, new stucco siding, some significant changes to the maid’s room (including an addition to it and the deck that sits above it) are all in the cards. Plus, 68 new windows are being added to the building. It’s clear that, when you’re making the kind money that the Six God commands, no idea is too big or too expensive to realize.

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Drake has vaulted himself back into the music spotlight recently as well, dropping two new tracks titled “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity.” Though the titles suggest heavy subject matter, the production on the former allows for Drizzy to recapture some his mainstream crossover appeal with a fun, party-ready record. LeBron James and Odell Beckham Jr. would certainly agree: Drake’s new material is already turning heads.