Drake's Virigina Black Whiskey Plans To Offer Up IPO Later This Year

For those who are looking to invest in Drake’s whiskey brand, Virginia Black, you may soon have that opportunity.

According to Billboard, the rapper, along with spirits entrepreneur Brent Hocking, have shared their desire to make the whiskey brand public. The pair believe that is is a rare opportunity for investors to capitalize on the strength the brand and help “redefine” the whiskey culture in North America as a result.

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By buying stocks to raise money, anyone who purchases shares in Drake’s Virginia Black spirit will help increase the “domestic and international expansion” the celebrated whiskey. The plan is for Drake and Hocking to raise $30 million, with an IPO expected at the end the first quarter the year. If you’re down to invest from the get-go, potentials can register to receive more info here.

“Virginia Black is the perfect combination exceptionally good juice in exquisite packaging at an accessible price,” said Hocking in a statement. “From inception, we wanted everyone to enjoy Virginia Black, and are pleased to extend the opportunity to millions Americans and other investors around the world to become part the Virginia Black family.”

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This is the ideal time for the brand to fer up an IPO, seeing as the Virginia Black name reached new heights last year on the heels a hilarious advert that Drake and his father, Dennis, completed. It just goes to show not only the power the Six God, but his family members as well, in the marketing scheme what may become one whiskey’s powerhouse entities.