Dude Gets Kicked Out of Above & Beyond Show for Hanging from Balcony [VIDEO]

Above & Beyond blew the crowd away Sunday night at the Fillmore in Detroit — but at least one person got a little too turnt up at the show.

While most concert goers are generally content vibing out to the beautiful sounds Above & Beyond, one guy took it as an opportunity to dangle from the second level for no apparent reason. Being hyped up is one thing, but hanging from the balcony is a little much.

If anyone is friends with this guy, please let him know that eventually, doing things like this can only end badly. Luckily, no one was hurt in this case.

As always, has been on point about the whole ordeal and even fered up some insight as to what exactly happened…

“I think the dude was just a day late to Excision.” – 

“Dude that was crazy! His friend smacked the shit out him afterwards, but holy shit, that’s some the most headass Detroit shit ever.” – 

Was he removed from the show afterward? “Sure was,” a or .

Watch what not to do at an Above & Beyond show…

Guy Hangs From Balcony At Above & Beyond Show