EDC Reveals New & Improved Camping for 2019 Festival

Camp EDC debuted in 2018 and was far from perfect. Long wait times the first day forced many to turn back to the strip and get hotels for the night; others experienced issues with their ShiftPods like missing amenities or power problems. Of course, this was the first time Camp EDC had ever been executed, and some hiccups were to be expected.

Thankfully, for 2019, it looks like there are going to be a lot of new features, improved amenities, redesigned components, and additional conveniences.

Most importantly on the list, the amount of lanes for ShiftPod campers checking in will be increased five fold. There will also be more eco-friendly grass spread out over the camp area — over 2 million sq ft. More food and drink selections, more chill and shade areas, better access to WiFi and power, as well as 24-hour restrooms and showers should make the Camp EDC experience in 2019 much, much more amenable.

See the new map and all of the improvements in the graphics below, including the massive Mesa area.


Photo by Skyler Greene for Insomniac