Edel MJ Creates Music Inspired By Real Life On “Three Hearts”

California-based artist Edel MJ cements his rising career with a hot new Latin joint titled “Three Hearts.” The soon-to-be hit displays the artist’s vivid palette made of a high dose of charisma and soothing vocal skills. He demonstrates his talent in merging trap, reggaeton, and r&b on “Three Hearts.” The song was dropped via Higher Living Music. 

Edel MJ’s sound is full of warmth, intimacy, sensuality, and grooviness. The song has a perfect sound design and production that allow it to shine bright from beginning to end. Edel MJ puts an incredible amount of soulfulness into the piece, making it simultaneously atmospheric and expressive. His music is inspired by life, and as the artist himself has mentioned in the past, he lives for creating content based on what he lived. He claimed: “It feels good to be heard by people who believe in you without even knowing you, without knowing about your life, or who you really are.”