EXCLSV PREMIERE: Queen Pepper Unveils “Phonecall”

Audiences have been anticipating Queen Pepper’s next move. We have the distinct pleasure to announce the exclusive premiere of her latest single, “Phonecall,” on New Hit Singles today. The Toronto based R&B-Soul singer-songwriter is best known for her unique blend of jazz, soul, gospel, and R&B. Her limitless imagination is present on every second of “Phonecall”, a single created with a mission to empower and inspire women from all over the world. Her sincerity and authenticity are her sharpest weapons, distilled with utmost sophistication and style throughout the song. Listeners will have the privilege of witnessing her magical voice layered atop the greatly produced instrumentals. “Phonecall” is set to help cement the rise of one of the most promising artists of the year, as we impatiently wait for her next release!

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