Exclusive Interview With Rising Dark-R&B Singer-Songwriter Pariz Noir

Miami-based Colombian R&B artist Pariz Noir has just released her new single, the sensual “Skin On Skin.” The song is all about being attracted to someone physically without wanting to get involved emotionally. Born in Cali, Colombia and raised in Miami, FLorida, Pariz Noir has a deeply rooted love, respect and passion for R&B delivering a new era of what is best described as “dark” R&B. We had the pleasure to chat with her about her new single, artistic evolution, and upcoming projects.  

Welcome to New Hit Singles! When did you start making music and what made you start?
I started actively making music in 2017. There was this dream of making music planted in my head for a long time and at first I was too apprehensive and doubtful to even try but afterwards, I realized nothing else made me happier than music, writing songs, creating melodies and imagining myself on stage killing a show. So I took a chance, went to a studio and once I experienced that process of bringing something I wrote to life in a song, I never doubted it again.

Talk to us through the story behind your new single “Skin On Skin.” Does it stem from your own experience?
Yes. It’s about a girl that I met. We both had an attraction towards each other. Throughout the song, I’m telling her to stop acting like she’s not interested. She knows she is attracted but she’s afraid of the feelings she’s experiencing towards me. I try to ease the situation and confidently make her feel comfortable in that it’s okay for her to feel what she feels and it’s okay to act on it. 

How did your sound evolve throughout the years?
I’ve experienced more, not only in life but in music. I found the sounds I want to implement and the art of storytelling. I’m not where I want to be just yet but I’m not where I was.

Are you more of a performer or a recording artist? Or both?

Who is your biggest inspiration in music?
This is a difficult question to answer because I tend to take bits and pieces that inspire me from other artists and combine them as one. Some of those artists are Sade, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Jhene Aiko, The Weeknd, Drake and Giveon. And this is without mentioning the artists of other genres that I listen to. 

Besides music, what are some of your favorite activities or hobbies?
I love fitness, reading, and jet skiing.

What’s next for Pariz Noir?
Something extraordinary. 

 Thank You Pariz Noir!

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