Explore The Thrills Of Falling In Love With aku’s “rose gold in paris town”

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana-inspired artist aku came out with a beautiful song called  “rose gold in paris town” and a fascinating music video along with it. The song is an ode to the honeymoon phase of relationships where two people believe they are just perfect for each other. With dark subliminal messages, though, aku brings the listener back to reality, showing images of distorted beauty. 

Lost in Heaven Space” is another one of aku’s latest songs that has generated thousands of streams. It has some impressive fast-paced beats and a lovely tune that sinks itself into your mind. The artist creates original, relatable music that is over before you know it, leaving the listener wanting more. As a man of many talents, aku is also an actor and a model who has appeared several times in the Vogue magazine. 

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